Effective 10/10/18

TKO Concrete believes in privacy and the rights afforded to visitors of our site. However, we do gather information related to your visit, and this policy is meant to explain as clearly as possible the extent and purpose of those practices, and is subject to change at any time. This privacy policy only pertains to activities and information gathered as part of the normal operation of this website.

For each visitor to our Web page, our Web server automatically recognizes, records and tracks specific details about your visit. The majority of these details and information are not personally-identifiable. However, there are areas and features of our site that, upon your interaction and “opt-in”, login, authorization and repeated use of these features…do record personally identifiable information that we may use to communicate with you, market advertising messages to you during your visit, and to gather data related to your online use of social media and networking sites (Facebook and Twitter). If you do not use the services or features related to Facebook and/or Twitter, we do not store any personally identifiable information related to your visit except for your email address when provided by you. Your email address or name is only accessed or recorded by our systems when you directly access our Email Us page and submit information you input into the email form located on that specific page. We store your contact information only temporarily in order to properly route your email to the correct department and in order to provide you with a response.

We do not currently maintain an online mailing list or database of email addresses, and we do not send mass mailings by email of any kind. If you are a current customer, and have a question related to an email you received concerning your account, financial information or otherwise, please contact us by phone at our corporate headquarters. We do not currently offer an online option of logging into customer accounts for billing or other purposes related to physical business. However, this feature will be added to our site in the near future, and customers will be contacted individually regarding these features and the information and policies related to such activities.

We collect multiple pieces of information related to each visit to this website. We employ the use of cookies, as well as other technical processes to collect data. This information includes usage data factors including visit length, pages visited, navigation paths and clicks, search terms used to reach our site as well as terms used to search only within our specific content. We also record and track visitor loyalty and geographic location, as well as information about the speed of your connection, your internet service provider and the city and state in which you are personally located as well as the city and state in which your provider has routed your access to reach our site. We may collect other data or non-personally-identifiable information related to your visit that we have not specifically noted in this document, and may distribute any or all of this information internally for various purposes.

We use multiple means and processes by which we gather information related to your visit. This includes agreements and services that may be provided by other companies beyond the reach of this privacy policy. We will provide, upon request, the names of such companies so that visitors may check their respective terms, conditions and policies related to privacy and information gathering. This policy does not extend to cover our affiliated service providers, search engines or sites linked to or from our site.

The information we collect is used to improve the content of our Web page, used to customize the content and/or layout of our page for each individual visitor, to a successor entity in connection with a corporate merger, consolidation, sale of assets or other corporate change respecting the Website, and to support marketing and or advertising efforts.

If you have reached our site by clicking a link as part of a results list from a search engine, we track and record information pertaining to several portions of your visit. These include:

1) The search term, phrase or keyword you personally typed into the search engine before clicking a link to visit our site in the list of results returned to you. We do not record or store information of individual user search information over time. We only store and track information of all visitor search engine activity in an aggregate, non-identifiable nature.

2) The name of the search engine used to reach our site.

3) If the visitor reaches us by clicking a link within a sponsored advertisement we have placed on the search engine through special arrangement with that engine, we record the specific ad clicked as well as the search terms used that led to a click on such advertisement.

From time to time, we may use customer information for new, unanticipated uses not previously disclosed in our privacy notice. If our information practices change at some time in the future we will post the policy changes to our Web site to notify you of these changes.

We fully believe in “opt-out” availability when it pertains to privacy and personal information. If at any time we introduce a feature in which personally identifiable information is gathered or stored, it will be of utmost priority that your privacy and rights are protected, and that the option to remove yourself from such activities is made available to all users and visitors.

If you have any questions or comments related to the information contained within this privacy policy or relating to our site content or policies in general, you may contact us by any method you prefer. Our web masters, XC Media Design, can be reached by phone at (401) 326-4460.